What Do We Do? We exist to improve the lives of everyone affected by HHUGS. To do this we must ensure that all people with it have specialist healthcare and treatment for their condition and can lead their lives free of stigma, prejudice and discrimination.We provide advice and information, online and directly through direct communication. Our UK network group is growing all the time and gives people a great chance to share experiences and support each other. Our Facebook page has members around the world, all supporting each other, alongside other group pages.

HHUGS-UK will try to improve healthcare and services, locally and UK wide for people and families affected with Hypothalamic Hamartoma. As a charity we have to fund all of our work, so we will run a variety of events and opportunities to meet people, have fun, challenge yourself and raise money.  We could not achieve our vision without people like you helping us. We need YOU to help us do our work by becoming a member of the group and to volunteer. 

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Together, WE can make a difference.
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