Get Involved

Why Volunteer?
Volunteers help build a brighter future for people living with HHUGS. People raise money for us, support people living with HH and help in many other ways. Volunteers also make sure that the work we do at HHUGS-UK is relevant.  We are just starting, if you are interested, please join us and be part of this caring, committed community.

Ways to Volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer. You can support people with HH by volunteering in your local community. You can help raise money by joining in a fundraising event or through one of our fundraising roles. You can support our work from home. You can help us raise awareness or with our communications.

The difference our volunteers make
Volunteers make an enormous contribution to improving the lives of people with HH. Money raised by volunteers can help children and families with support volunteers, equipment,  training and other purposes the charity has,  to promote its vision.
We have many roles. Whatever skills you’d like to volunteer with please get in touch and we’ll see how we can work together. 
Take part in an event or organise your own. Sign up now and be part of something amazing.
Fundraise in my Community
Get involved in your local community with everything from events and street collections. Please visit us for updates on this.
Fundraise in memory
Honour your loved ones by helping to change lives. Ask for donations instead of flowers or do some fundraising.
Raise money online
Our give as you shop scheme means you can shop online with big brands such as Amazon, John Lewis and Argos and they will donate money to us! Or sign up to donate to us by selling on eBay.

Set a personal challenge

Sponsor ANDY MacMillan for his Triathlon quest in aid of HHUGS-UK 
donate here

Our fundraising promise
We are committed to the highest standards of fundraising.


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