Definition of Hypothalamic Hamartoma
Hypothalamic Hamartoma are very rare, congenital, benign brain tumour located close to or within the hypothalamus. Individuals who have HH may be asymptomatic but they are usually diagnosed because of its presentation; precocious puberty, Gelastic seizure or disruptive behavioural problems and cognitive deterioration.  
Classification of HH
Understanding the Hypothalamus
The Hypothalamus is approximately the size of a pea located on the undersurface of the brain and accounts for less than 1% of the weight of the brain. The hypothalamus is involved in many functions of the autonomic nervous system, as it receives information from nearly all parts of the nervous system. As such, it is considered the link between the nervous system and the endocrine system.
Characteristics of HH
These characteristics of HH usually start in infancy or early childhood and its range, intensity and complexity can vary widely from individual cases.  
Treatment of HH

Understanding Epilepsy
Types of Seizures
Safety Measures during seizures
Example of Seizure Obsevation Template
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